Friday, December 14, 2012

Pinkmas decorating

 Souffle inspects and looks for her gift!
 Snow on the bows I love glitter

 My Pink Santa collection is growing

Decorating for Pinkmas is so fun. I love to always be on the lookout for pink Santas and swans and pearls.
The skates are new this year and so girly I wonder if Marie Antoinette skated? She enjoyed sleigh rides.
Ribbons and twinkle lights are important. I tried some new twinklie lights this year called pearl lights. 
Hope you holiday is fun and pink.
More decking the halls at :
Have a Pink day!


  1. Hi, I love your
    And your pink santas are adorable, did you paint them yourself? Or purchased them that way....
    Happy decorating my friend ;)


  2. Bought them that way. I want a few more then I think I have run out of room.

  3. Pink is such a fun and frilly color.
    Love the Santas and the houses.
    Everything is darling...especially the skates.
    I hope you get the snow to work.
    Merry Pinkmas......


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