Thursday, August 30, 2012

Laduree for me!!

I adore Laduree  I adore everything about  it-- the pretty shop, the logo, the pastries, the food, the ribbons, the carriage vendor cart in the airport in Paris, the totes and the gift items.
Since I did not get to go to Paris this year I wanted to bring some Laduree to me!! Greedy Pink Girl!
Japan has several Laduree shops now and they often get things before other countries or different things. I bought these two Laduree scarfs and the little makeup tote from Japan. Things arrive quickly from Japan to US addresses. The swan scarf was  irresistible to me since I love swans so much and swans also remind me of ballet which I also love.
So until I can go to Laduree I had it come to me!
Joining in on Show and Tell Friday at:
Have a Pink day! 


  1. Just like me... I love all their colour combinations.
    If I would buy some sweets, not eat it of course just display them.
    Sweet Hugs,

  2. I love all that Laduree swag. I saw those little handkerchiefs/scarves on ebay recently and thought they were so precious! Love watercolors, Laduree, pastries, etc.


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