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Coeur a la creme dessert for Madame de Pompadour

Coeur a la Creme
I love making this dessert! It is not hard and it is light and not too sweet. No one has ever disliked it.
The French name is Coeur a la creme --cream hearts and I like to pretend that this is something Madame de Pompadour or members of the French Court of Louis XV-XVI would eat.
You will need cheese cloth ( grocery stores carry it) the little ceramic  ramekins  with the drainage holes 6 individual ones look best.
 ( Williams Sonoma or any good cookware shop) a mixer and a cookie pan with sides and wire rack like you use for cooling cakes and cookies.
This dessert needs to be made very early in day for that night or better yet the night before.

Here is the simple recipe:

1/2 C sugar
1 C low fat plain yogurt
1 C heavy cream
2 eggs white
pint of raspberries or  strawberries or both!
fresh mint
you can also put some vanilla or Grand Marnier in the sauce if you like about 1 teaspoon

In a bowl add the sugar except for 4 Tablespoons and the yogurt mix well
In another bowl beat the cream till it is stiff then fold it into the yogurt mixture
In a third bowl ,with very clean beaters, whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form sprinkle 4T of sugar over them and beat till glossy
Fold the egg whites into the yogurt mixture. Dampen squares of cheesecloth and form it into the heart forms.
Then gently fill the heart forms fairly full with mixture.
Take dampened cheese cloth hanging over the edges of the molds and cover the tops so all mixture is inside.
Place molds on top of wire rack which is set inside a pan with edges. The hearts will drain
To plate it:
open cheese cloth away from mold top place plate under exposed back and flip over. Then gently remove the mold then the cheese cloth. Voila a little white heart. Put raspberries and strawberries around it garnish with a mint sprig and coulis sauce.

To make sauce:
Puree berries with a touch of water and 1 T sugar in blender or food processor. I usually add about 2T of raspberry jam or strawberry jam. You can add other flavorings at this point if you want.
Place sauce around heart and enjoy.
Have a Pink day!
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