Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dreaming of white

Festiva Maxima peony one of my favorites and one of my first peonies Immortality iris reblooms Clematis- unknown

Snowball virbirnum

White Wednesday at Faded Charm:

What fun it would be to do a totally white home and garden. It would look so ethereal and clean. I do have a lot of white in the garden now. I would love to do white floors and all white furniture with just touches of silver and black or pale pink. Of course, this fantasy takes place in S. California. Yes, probably touches of pink and silver. Pale pink. I would still have to have my pinkness.

I added the white macarons for fun. If I lived an all white life would I eat all white food too?

Have a Pink day!


  1. Oh my I adore peonys!! I hope mine grow that I planted last year. I walked around today and looked at them and most of them have buds, but there are a couple that don't so they might not have survived the winter. Can't wait till they bloom!!

  2. Still bare and brown here!...I am still making rounds for W.W.Thank you for sharing,beautiful blog and post.

  3. Isnt it wonderful the joy our plants can bring. I have my first batch of camelias out since planting last Autumn so we are very excited. You would also love my pale pink iceberg roses. Ill have to post about them. I get teased about how much I love white but I dont care becos it makes me happy.Fiona

  4. oh I'm swooning here, yes, an all white house and garden with touches of silver...love it! I just got some baby's breath which I put into a silver mercury vase....there is magic in that combination! my wish list include an all white house....sigh.


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