Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I added it to my bracelet for a fun charm
My tiny carriage that I will use as a charm
Kate's rainy day carriage otherwise she will go by car Spit spot polish and shine! A real pumpkin coach for hire
Another pretty carriage for hire in the United Kingdom How I would love to own this work of silver art Pink Boy got a new ride- -his new carriage is white (I like white) and pretty zippy and oh so clean and smells so new. We do tend to focus on our carriages, non? I seem to be running into so many carriages lately. Transportation is on every one's mind with high gas prices.

And with a Royal Wedding coming up everyone is amazed that Kate chooses to go to the church via automobile rather than the glass carriage. I hear it can make you sick --all the swaying perhaps this is why she opted out? If it rains she will use the glass carriage. Wouldn't it be lovely to be conveyed from one spot to another in a real carriage?!

I went to the carriage museum in Vienna years ago. So pretty. In the Marie Antoinette movie I loved the peek we got inside her carriages. I wonder if people back in the carriage days said that new carriages had a new carriage smell!! I am sure it was a bumpy and not altogether pleasant ride back then especially over cobblestones. I have been on carriage rides and there is a lot of jostling going on! I had to buy the cute little carriage key ring. I may use the tiny carriage on a bracelet as a charm.

Have a Pink day!


  1. hi, I'm visiting from The Plumed Pen. I to love the carriage and coaches you write about in your post. While in France I visited the castle "Chambord" and at the end of the castle tour we toured the carriage house. Its was very interesting, and I thought the carriages works of art. I love your sweet little charm, I'll have to look for one of those for my bracelet. I think your blog is lovely, so I've added my name to your list of followers.....

    The French Hutch

  2. I heard that Kate is allergic to horses an maybe that is why she choose not to ride by carriage.

    It is fun to follow.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. What charming carriages, I think just about every woman would like to ride in one at some time...especially with their Prince Charming. Thank you for stopping by to visit me...your bunnies posts are adorable. So cute! And, pink is my favorite color too, especially in the garden.


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