Friday, September 11, 2015

Marie Antoinette books and trinkets

Two new to me books  both in French 

Snow scene I love it. How I would love to glide on the snow in a swan shaped sleigh!

More typical courting scene on this fan from early 1900s
Another favorite MA book by Boyer. Lovely and informative.

 Trinkets a la Marie Antoinette a monocular for bird watching and a seal for her monogram for sealing letters.The monogram is on the book. 
She had her monogram on some of her furniture as well.
It is also on the wrought iron balcony at Petit Trianon.
Please humor me and my on-going fantasy of living in France in 18th Century. 
I try and find things that would be around at that time. 
My latest find is a monocular for bird watching(something that I do) painted with blue birds. I got it on Ruby Lane from a shop called World Rarities.

She has a lot of lovely French antiques and small items. Very rococo selection in her shop.

The two books are not new but I just bought them. 
One is about what she would have eaten called A la Table and the large one was published in 2012 Marie-Antoinette la vie a Versailles
Both are in French but I can muddle through and the photos are so lovely they are worth it as "looking at books". 
I have many books on MA and 18th Century and Madam de Pompadour also. 
 The two fans are new and addition to my small collection. I will have them framed at some point.The one even had original case. 
Do you pretend to be in another time or place?
 It is great free fun!
Have a Pink day!

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