Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meet Armand...

Meet our new addition!
A male Persian a shaded silver 10 months old. 

He went through a rough patch with his first owner and we have adopted him. I named him after the character Armand Gamache of the Louise Penny mystery novels that I love so much.

He comes from a wonderful Persian breeder near me. Her  cattery is called Alchemist Persians

This makes 4 cats and 2 dogs plus my birds a full house!
As his coat comes back in and we keep his face clean he will be even more handsome.
Thank goodness for responsible breeders like Alchemist or cats in not ideal homes would be stuck.
This little guy purrs and purrs and is so laid back. So far we are keeping him in closet /master bath area till he feels secure and we will introduce him  to the other cats and dogs.
Have a Pink day!

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