Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden pleasures

We work so much in our garden.
 Always seems there are things to plant, or pull,or trim. Leaves to clean up, plants that need thinning the list goes on. And then there is the payoff the big bloom of peonies in May, the Yoshino cherry tree in April in bloom, the sweet fragrance of many flowers, the quiet water sound of the zen pond.
Today after a lot of work we had time to just sit and relax and enjoy the new planter Pink Boy bought me.
 I put a trailing pink petunia in it.
 And the last photo is of some stock I got at the grocery smells divine and will be on my bedside table. 
Hard work does pay off at least in a garden!
Have a Pink day!


  1. Looks beautiful ;-)


    1. Love love love my garden. It is the thing I care most about after Pink Boy and the fur kids.


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