Friday, November 28, 2014

Pink bubble gum tree

Well even though I've been very ill with the flu since coming home from CA I still had to do some pink crafting for Pinkmas! I did a little every night. 

While in CA I saw the adorable shop Sugarfina and they had bubble gum trees in Tiffany blue in the window. So I stole their idea and did mine in pink! 

It is an easy project-- just need a pointy cone from Michael's or Hobby Lobby a glue gun and about 160 large pink gum balls! I got the packets of gum balls at Target. They are pink but with some iridescence. Start at the bottom and glue each ball to the Styrofoam cone.
 I guess it took me an hour or so to glue them all on. I did it in spurts as I felt able to get up out of bed. Pink Boy bought be a heavy duty glue gun at Home Depot not long ago and it is sooo nice. I use a glue gun often and better to have a sturdy one that heats quickly.
I bet this will last a few years if I store it in a dry place.
I'm so looking forward to decorating for the holiday this year.
Have a Pink day!

1 comment:

  1. Love this idea Marie, thanks for sharing...
    I hope you feel better soon...
    I'm also looking forward to decorating for Pinkmas....



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