Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beauties on their way to my home

 Salvia greggii pink preference
 Nick Shaylor peony on its way to me!
Reine Deluxe peony
English Style Gardening

I keep adding more flowers to my garden beds. I want a lush English style garden-- lots of pinks and touch of purple and white. I am so addicted to peonies. I discovered perennial salvia on a garden tour last Sunday . I came home and Googled it and ordered some lovely ones. They will look great under the roses.
Making my garden is one of my greatest joys I asked for a plain lot no landscaping when we bought the house. Everything in my garden we have chosen and made the areas with stone and good fill soil. I bought a lot of worms the first few years to help with the soil and ladybugs also to help keep pests away. I never used to kill praying mantis but I do now when I see them. They can eat a hummingbird and they do! We have a ton of hummingbirds.

The salvia selection at Flowers by the Sea is fantastic here is the link:
I hope you can make your garden grow in the fashion you most enjoy.
Have a Pink day!
Horse mint or lemon balm  I love this it dries well too
I could only find seeds does anyone know a plant source?

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