Monday, September 10, 2012

Les Adieux a la Reine or Farewell my Queen

Farewell My Queen is out now in the USA. It is from the book of same title by Chantal Thomas.
I have been waiting to see it. Atlanta does not have it in theaters locally only one showing far away about  an hour or more drive. So now I will wait for it to appear on DVD at Amazon  or Netflix.
I think I will enjoy it as it is told from the servant's point of view. I hear it alludes to a lesbian relationship but I really do not think that is a historical fact that can be documented in any clear way. But it helps sell a movie and offers something different or whispers about it.
So for me, I am still waiting to see Farewell  My Queen  If you have seen it drop me an email or a comment on what you thought!
Have a Pink day!

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  1. I saw the film last month and really enjoyed it, although it didn't quite capture the novel in the way that I'd hoped. Diane Kruger is an impressive Marie Antoinette and I loved how 'intimate' the film felt, rather than feeling like a spectacle as the Coppola film did.


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