Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Choupette and White Wedneday

Karl Lagerfeld has a cat now. She just turned one and has had much media attention in the fashion press.
Choupette is the apple of Karl's eye and he even employees two maids ( a day and a night one) to care for her. She goes to the vet for check ups every ten days. He thinks her bad behavior is cute. In other words, he adores her. She likes to sleep on his vintage linens, eat at the table with him--she eats her own food but it up on the table. 
Everyone is surprised that he is such a doting father.  He is artist why wouldn't he love his kitten? Who knew Karl would be a "cat person"?
Joining in on White Wednesday at Faded Charm:
Have a Pink day!


  1. I would not have sad Karl was a cat person either!!! LOL
    Mind you .... if he bought a Pekingese I think he would fall inlove them too!
    I have two peke's and they can be very "cat like" :)

  2. A great post about Karl and cat.
    Karl has a heart that is yet.



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