Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pink Saturday living large in my mind

A dressing room always needs fresh flowers- pink bien sur!

Happy Pink Saturday!

I found these images of Suzanne Rogers dressing room on tumblr. Isn't it amazing? I want one like this --don't you? All French and formal and pink and white. I would spend a lot of time in there. My closet looks so drab in comparison.

Join Beverly for more pink posts.-


  1. Ooh, what lovely pink images here! I hope your weekend is wonderful and your pinkness is always beautiful. HPS Anne

  2. Beautiful pink Images, I love the last pic, those chairs are to die for beautiful, that fabric is Magnificent!!!
    Have a pinky pink Saturday :)

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Because of your post, I'm going to carve out some space in my bedroom to make into my own dressing area.

  4. Isnt it just divine. I would love a dressing room just like that. A place to enjoy, not just shove clothes. Wish I could see more of the detail in that one. Have a great week. Fiona


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