Monday, September 26, 2011

Hummingbird garden plants

Mexican salvia perennial soft wooly flowers like lamb's ear

Coral nymph salvia annual plant-does self seed somewhat

Pinkish purple Agastache hummingbird mint
The hummingbirds will soon leave us. I love watching them. Sometimes we have so many at once it can be dizzying to watch!
Many visitors from the Audubon tour asked about the hummingbirds-- why we have so many. I think the secret is creating a food filled environment and one that feels safe to them. We are lucky to have an enclosed garden space.
The plants above also help attract them and I always put my feeders out early and keep them up till Dec. I make my own food 4 cups water to 1 of real sugar. As the time gets closer to their leaving I up it to 2 sugars to 4 of water.They need that extra jump in calories to fly the long distance.
Between the little birds and the flowers my garden is a busy spot at times. I marvel all the time at their rapid wings and hover abilities. Another little miracle that some people ignore or take for granted.

I purchase the hummingbird mint from High Country Gardens click below to see their web site. They package the plants so well for shipping.
Have a Pink day!

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