Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink cat collars for Miss Moss and friend

Taking her photo to actually see the collar is hard!

I sew them over on the ends and add snaps after measuring her neck

Miss Moss is the best kitty. She loves to wear her pretty bows and the newer collars I have made from upholstery trims. She knows she is quite lovely in them and seems happy to wear them. She loves snuggling in her bassinet.

Soon she will have a new pal to snuggle with. Charlotte seems a bit lonely and the dogs ignore her so we want her to have a friend.

We are adding another cat to our happy pink home. Snowflake will be coming home soon from Good Mews no kill cat shelter here in Marietta. What a wonderful thing to find a sweet cat to keep Miss Moss company. I will post some photos soon. We will have to introduce them slowly and make sure everyone is safe and happy. Good Mews is a wonderful organization for adopting a new fur baby. They take excellent care of the cats and kittens and have a good screening process. I can't wait to introduce you to Snowflake.

Have a Pink day!

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