Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink Living in tough times

"In these challenging times, may we all have the courage to pursue the way of life we value in our hearts" Alain de Bottom

Yes, I know times are tough, I am part of the unemployed looking for a nice job. I know people are cutting back we are cutting back also in many ways. But I will not cut back in my devotion to pink living. In challenging times it is most important for all of us to seek the things that give us pleasure and decrease stress, that bring joy and maybe laughter into our lives.

So I seek out the little things that bring peace and satisfaction: the cupcakes made with pink icing, the quiet reflection after reading a good book,going to the new movie at an earlier time to save a few dollars All these little economies that most everyone makes during a recession. But make them for the right reason--so you can give yourself some time or some peace, or give the money saved to a charity make them to allow yorself to still pursue the way of life that you value in your heart.

Do not abandon joy or living true to yourself, do not remove the quality in your life maybe the quantity of excess but not the quality.

Have a PINK day!

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