Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Tulle tree by Rosemarie Porzi
Cookies by Canvas Cafe in Marietta, Ga.

Santa should be coming any time now! I have the cookies and candy ready for him on the plate that looks like him. I am sure he will like that! Sometimes I leave a glass of wine or cocoa too. I got these amazing snowflake cookies from a new pastry shop in Marietta called Canvas. ( No, I do not get anything for promoting them) They are by the hospital and open everyday except Sunday. They also have great breakfasts and cater.
The pink tulle tree is my ebay find from Rosemarie Porzi. J'adore. Her Ebay ID is bellareddoby

I am going to go to sleep early and hope Santa brings everyone their heart's desire this year-- especially those who are serving our nation in Middle East.

Have a PINK day!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! The tree brings back such childhood memories. All the ladies at our church used to make these at Christmas time and the cookies are spectacular!

  2. oh the tree is great I remember seeing them at craft shows way back lol. this is darling, I love it in pink. also love the cookies yum they look so intricate. I hope you have a Merry, healthy ,happy, prosperous Christmas and New and hugs JoAnn

  3. That is so sweet to mention our military and we wish you and them a safe and blessed Christmas.

  4. You had a nice idea for a Christmas Eve greeting.

  5. Hi Marie, Happy Pink Christmas to you :-) Love those snow flake cookies... Mmmmmmm.
    Thanks for poppinn by my blog, the frost came from Ben Franklin's it's lasted for about 3 years, so fun to play with!!
    Hope Santa treats you well :-)


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