Friday, January 5, 2018

Armand and Poppy-Marie

Well you've seen a previous photo of Snowflake Marie Mouser under the tree and her is little Armand Louis our little 5 pound silver shaded Persian under the tree the first day I set it up.
 He ran right to it and wrapped himself in tulle and fell asleep!
Poppy didn't really bother the tree either just walked around and looked at the packages. 
It was her first Pinkmas! She is 9 months old.
Every year I am amazed that all our cats and dogs seem to  really enjoy the tree and not play with the ornaments or the packages.
 They just sit and look at the lights and feel cozy.
We are lucky. I do have to put their wrapped gifts up high they know tissue paper wrapping means a gift for them!
Soon the trees will be taken down and they, and I , have another year to wait and to plan changes and embellishments.
Have a Pink day!


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