Friday, August 12, 2016

Obsessions current and on going 

Photos of chair Anita Pelayo Rivera check out her lovely blog above and 
instagram at les_dames_dabord and
Pintrest too

 Meissen food warmer
Claire Pettibone ring

Summer is such a hard time to blog .
Not much going on and too hot and humid to do much outside. So I have been finding things on-line that I obsess about. I see something then research it and sometimes search for it or sometimes I am content with the new knowledge.
As you know, I love pink and green and those colors in jewelry form are so enticing! Love the ring above.
I continue to learn more about Meissen porcelains and found this photo of a food warmer.What an elegant way to heat up a snack! 
The French chair above I found on Anita Pelayo Rivera's blog (see link above) and I adore it!!
So I will search flea markets and fairs and on-line auctions. It doesn't have to be an antique just have those correct proportions. I have learned in my ongoing study of French period furniture that proportions are everything
So many reproductions are too bulky or too high. 
French furniture of that era was delicate, feminine and on the "small "side.
My swan and peony obsessions continue. 
If I ever win the lottery I will buy property with a small pond so I can once again have pet swans.
What are you obsessed about?
Have a Pink day!

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  1. Bonjour Marie! OH! You are so right above French furniture. My two chairs above (they look wonderful here!) are much smaller than the reproduction that I currently have in my studio (which is going to be sold soon so I can put one of the French chairs in there). That size does show the period so beautifully because they are small, but comfortable. One of those chairs fits so much nicer in my studio, and the craftsmanship is unparalleled.

    I have never seen a food warmer as such! GORGEOUS! And I love your pink AND green crush. That color combo is lovely on jewelry as well and so spring-time!

    Enjoy the hunt for the right chairs. I think you really should check out my source from my Instagram page that I provided for the chair photo. She has THE BEST finds! Enjoy your weekend, Anita


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