Friday, February 5, 2016

Pink Valentines

Of course I love Valentine's Day it is a very pinkish holiday! 

I enjoy making pink heart boxes embellished with flowers and ribbons and pretending that they would sort of look like what Marie Antoinette would have had.On some of them I have Marie Antoinette peeping out of a frame. the Marie image is from Paper Nosh (on Etsy).  
Always pretending to be in the 18th century in my head. 

Of course, there was no Eiffel Tower back then so this last box wouldn't fit in.

I save the old candy boxes spray paint them outside with paint from Michael's and then using a glue gun add the flowers or ribbon. Sometimes I glitter the top too after spraying the top with photo mount glue. They can be used for decoration or to hold a little gift.

Pink Boy is taking me to my favorite ballet Sleeping Beauty and to tea in Madison, Georgia in the new (larger) Madison Tea Room. That is so fun to have those things to look forward to when the weather is cold and days are grey.
Have a Pink day!


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