Saturday, November 14, 2015

Courting settee a perfect spot for taking tea

A treasure we found at Scott's Antique Market a few months ago. 
It is an 18th century French courting settee. Original for the most part and I left it alone .
I had a new silk cushion made for it and that is the end of the" restoration". I adore it. 
I can move it around for a party, I can relax on it with a cup of tea and I can certainly see gifts set on it near the Pinkmas tree!
Having all these pretty objects from 18th century France just feeds my soul and my fantasy of living in that time period.
Have a Pink day!


  1. It's gorgeous Marie, it sure is going to look beautiful with gift sitting on top of that beauty...


    1. Thank you cant wait to pile presents on it!
      And thank you for checking out my blog.I haven't posted as much lately. I appreciate your checking it out.

  2. What a wonderful find Marie!!! I'm sure this is not something you see often!! xo


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