Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I am so small and this is sooo tall

We now have four Bourke's parakeets the quiet grassland birds from Australia. These were bred here in USA. I couldn't find any Bourke's breeders in Georgia or any surrounds states so I had to fly these in on Delta Dash. They are a matched pair so my friend named them Delta and Dash! Delta is the pink and yellow one. We hope to make little Bourkie babies one day to sell. I think 4 in this cage is perfect. Another Mother's Day present from Pink Boy. the aviary is heavy it is in three pieces and is easy to clean.
Bourke's are sweet quiet birds who chirp and fly at dawn and dusk.
Delta and Dash join my other two Bourke's Rosy Bourke's Cici and Chanel-- 2 females! So far no female fighting over Dash . 
Armand loves to watch the birds he just cant figure out how to get high enough.What a sweet boy he is so quiet and calm. He is a shaded silver Persian from a lovely local Persian breeder.
Have a Pink day!

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