Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vintage children's books

I love the illustrations on vintage children's books! 
So soft and peaceful.
 I especially love the books about cats or pets. 
As a newbie collector I only have a few but am always on lookout. I may do some type of display at one point at local library. 
I seem to be on a book collecting period lately.
If anyone sees one for sale on ebay or etsy with cats on cover let me know. They usually are just in OK condition but it is the covers I really adore.
Have a Pink day!


  1. The covers of these books are so sweet Marie. I love children.s books too and try to find them, which is getting harder to do.

  2. I know I love children's books but especially vintage! I still look at my old Secret Seven, The Enchanted Wood and Mallory Towers books and love that feeling of opening a book which brings back so many memories!

  3. Yes, glad I am not only one who looks at kids books. I have some pop up ones I adore too. Fun to go back to childhood sometimes.


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