Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bon bon server

 Dated 1806 on bon bon server
 Pastry or bon bon tongs one has a cherub on it
Pretty tea things

I've started to collect bon bon servers and pastry tongs. 
Very useful if having a tea fete or dessert with friends. So pretty and ornate but still useful.  So far I have found most of them on Ebay and one at our one a month flea/antiques market Scott's down past Atlanta airport.
Using these pretty serving pieces makes me slow down and think about how life was when they were made, how people entertained and how each piece of silver had a purpose. 
 Collecting is fun but using the pretty things I collect is even more enjoyable. 
Have a Pink day!


  1. Yes, old silver so much fun and it tells a story.

  2. Wow Marie, they truely beautiful.....


  3. Oh they are gorgeous and what a lovely idea! I love the 1806 one!
    best wishes

    1. Yes that is a favorite. I keep trolling ebay and etsy and silver shops. Hunt is half the fun. I also think one would make a lovely bridal shower gift or house warming gift.


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