Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pinkmas is closer than we think ...time to wrap it up !

 You would never guess what goes on in this closet! 

We have an extra closet near Pink Boy's office area upstairs. It is off the third bedroom  which we turned into a library. 
I do a lot of gift wrapping. It is one of my favorite things to do.
 I loved Carolyn Roehm's book on wrapping.
I think a present should be special on the outside.
Plastic tubs and stacking plastic trays are low cost and you can see in them or label them. Being organzied makes wrapping so easy. I need another of the tall gift wrapping paper tubs I collect gift wrap all year long (searching for pinks and white) so I always have something pretty to use for gifts.
Small picture frames, flowers, little quotes printed on stiff paper and glittered all make fun outside interest besides the bow. 
I like to use glitter and fake snow on my holiday packages.  Little paper birds or origami also work well as an embellishment.
Only 8 more weekends till Pinkmas!
Have a Pink day!


  1. This could almost be my favourite room in the house! Just lock me in there...now!
    Just wish we had the space for a designated closet.

  2. I wish I had a closet like yours Marie.....



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