Thursday, September 25, 2014

Scandal style... steal Olivia's style

Scandal style
Scandal is back on air and we are all wondering how Olivia Pope will get along now that she has fled D.C. and  almost as important, what she will wear where ever it is she ends up!
One reason I began watching the series was  I enjoyed the clothing and have always admired Kerry Washington as an actress and as a classy lady. She keeps her private life private, does her job well and lends a hand to charities that she believes in.
On the show she wears some pretty pricey outfits and while it is fun to see it is also a bit frustrating not being able to afford those coats and cute suits!
Along comes the show's designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited clothing store chain and now we have some lovely renditions of Olivia style that the average woman can purchase.I love the colors in the collection.
Miss Washington worked with Lyn Paolo and the team from The Limited in creating the styles. There are 70 some pieces to the collection.
Maybe I will wear my new Scandal inspired skirt while watching the team "fix" a political problem.
Have a Pink day!

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