Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lilac time

I've always dreamed of having enough lilacs to gather armfuls of them and bring them into the house for scenting the rooms.
We are finally at a point  in the garden that I have enough lilacs growing that I can cut some from each one and have them to bring inside! This is so thrilling to me. I adore flowers and the scent of the lilac is one of my favorite. You don't often find perfume that has that subtle scent.  I tried to place the lilacs near seating or along paths. After nearly 17 years in this home the garden is maturing enough to really enjoy. 
This past winter so hard on it lost several huge climbing New Dawn roses and lots of confederate jasmine over the arbor is dead.So sad.
Well we must look on the bright side--I still have lilacs and peonies coming and iris, pink salvia , lots of roses and clematis to enjoy.
Have a Pink day!

1 comment:

  1. Marie, your blooms are beautiful, lilacs smell so wonderful
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter...



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