Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Would Marie Antoinette have these?

All of the above items are on Ebay or were on Ebay recently. I did not bid on them but admired them and feel that if Marie Antoinette were around today she would have objects like these. 
I especially love the mechanical singing bird --they were popular in her era. There was an automaton of her playing a piano like instrument.  The tea caddy is limoges and just sold on Ebay. 
The really rich and the really famous people of today tend to have goods brought to them to choose what they will purchase and it was the same in her day. The merchants came to her. One of my favorite scenes in the 2006 movie Marie Antoinette was the one where she is choosing material and trims.
We can relate to the last Queen of France on many levels and one common trait is that she did love to shop and loved pretty clothing as most women still do.
So fun to think about these lovely items being used and still around today for our pleasure.
Have a Pink day!

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  1. Oh gorgeous! I want tehm all, even if I'm just a common person! Did you get any?


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