Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love locks on Pont des Arts

The government cut them off they say, but they are back. The love locks endure on the Pont des Arts near the Louvre.There are even some enterprising folks selling simple locks near the bridge in case you forgot yours. 
Some nimble lovers even climbed up and put their locks on the lamp post.

The sad thing is the graffiti all over Paris on public and private building and in the metro.I noticed a lot more graffiti all over Paris this visit. Even near our hotel someone climbed up a very high fire escape to deface the apartment building. I think the fines should be stiff and police should look for these miscreants at night when they are active. It is beyond criminal to deface these wonderful historic buildings and mess up the beauty of Paris. The locks are sweet, the graffiti sucks. And I hardly ever use that word!
Close your eyes and picture the beauty of Paris without the graffiti.
Have a Pink day!

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