Friday, November 2, 2012

Monogram of Marie Antoinette and her birthday

Happy Birthday Marie Antoinette

My new bed linens from Number 411 in Savannah

November 2,1755 is the birthday of Marie Antoinette rather than focus on her sad fate today I would rather look at something fun and beautiful about her life.
Marie Antoinette had such a pretty monogram I had to "borrow" it for myself. I have so many things with this monogram but oddly enough I had not done the most common or traditional thing-- add it to my bed linens! Monograms, I understand, were a way of marking who owned what linen and silver and other items. They were a practical thing that became artwork. In  the case of royality like Marie Antoinette she really had fun with her monogram, it is on the stairway in the Petit Trianon,

On books in her library

    Her headboard

 and on pieces of her furniture, on flower pots at the Petit Hameau
on a key
                                                        Gift tags from Paper Nosh
Ornament from Paper Nosh

You can order her monogram on gift tags and ornaments from Paulette at Paper Nosh to have a touch of the monogram in your life!
I have several other ideas for using the monogram and will share those soon.
Have a Pink day!


  1. Your bed linen is lovely and so is that cake!

  2. HB to Marie. I wasn't aware of the date. Thanks for that little tidbit. Since I am an A if I married an M I could use her monogram too. It really is very pretty.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. A beautiful post. I am embarassed because I didn't know her birthday. take care, Darlene


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